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We have 3 lovely, spacious rooms available, all named after locals landmarks. 

The views are spectacular from all rooms so enjoy watching the sunrise to sunset. 


We want you to have a lovely time here at Tighard. If you need anything please just ask.


Here are some things which may be useful to know :

  • Breakfast served from early to 9am.

  • It’s a real treat to eat at Café Canna however if you are staying for a few days there may be times which suit you to stay at Tighard. I’m very happy to cook dinner. This applies to Tuesday when Café Canna is closed.

  • Happy to make packed lunches and sandwiches.

  • Milk available from dining room fridge

  • TV available for NETFLIX, iPlayer, dvd’s of films and yoga, books, games and cards.

​Please feel free to come and go and use Tighard as a home from home. We are happy for Tighard to be booked for groups/families and children are very welcome. We are keen to stay open throughout the year. 


Whilst the minimum is 2 nights, there is so much to see and do on Canna that we recommend at least 3 and more if possible. This would allow you to explore and really embrace all things Canna. 


Canna is a great winter destination for outdoor pursuits and for rest and relaxation. We look forward to hearing from you,  Aileen​


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